+A PSP7 Tutorial+


This is a Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro 7 by Jasc. It was written December 2003 so it is not up to date on my style of drawing, but I dont use PSP7 anymore, so this is the best I have. Hope you have fun, and learn something you didn't already know about the program!

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 Sketch Outlines Colour Finished



Now get out your sketch, Scanned or computer generated, just make sure your lines are NOT black or gray! (pic resized)



Go to layers and click 'New raster layer'



Now click OK and go to the draw tool on the side bar.


Go to the tool options box and make sure it looks like this, but if you want wider lines then you can make the width bigger.


Now Use that tool (make sure you are on the outlines layer) and start drawing with it as you would with a pen or pencil.

It should look something like this.



Now go to the Background layer and click on it.


Now to the side bar, click the flood fill, which is under the air brush. Make sure you are on the 'Background' layer.


Now double click the color on the side and change it to white, as shown here. (pic resized)


Now flood fill it, and watch your sketch disappear :3 Now it should look nice and clean. this is the stage for you to clean up your lines and change the thickness on them if you like.

After it should look something like this.



Create a new raster layer and make sure you are still on the background layer, you wouldn't want your colour over top of your outlines would you?


Do the same thing as before, but call this one color.


Make sure your new layer is in-between outlines and background!


Now go back to the 'Outlines' layer and take your magic wand tool (which is above the eyedropper) and highlight all the colors that are one IE. The ears, head and neck are all orange.

Tip: To highlight two or more spaces at once, click the 'shift' button while click the part you want highlighted.


Now go to 'Selections' on the top bar and do what is shown. Click expand.


Now type in '1' in the number of pixels and hit OK.

note: if your outlines are a few sizes higher then you can expand it 2 pixels instead of 1.


Now go back to your lovely paint bucket, choose the color you want and click, everything that you have selected should now be the color you have chosen.


Now go to the paintbrush tool and fill in all the gaps that the wand missed, it should look something like this.


Now do the same thing with all the other colours until it is all solid color!


Now go and highlight all the specific color with the wand tool.

When you do that, go to the airbrush tool. we are going to start shading now!


Go to the tool options, do some stuff like this, just make sure the opacity is low.


Now shade and highlight all the parts you want, it should look something like this.


Now do the same thing to all the other sections! It should look something like this.


Now smudge and add all the little details you want at this stage!



And if you want you can add a background, and Volia! You have an instant picture, well not that instant, but instant enough! Hope you had fun, and please if anyone you know is having trouble with PSP7, you can show them this tutorial, that would be awesome :3

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